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2011 Protest Cable Call Final Results and Recap!

The 2011 Protest Cable Call & 2nd stop of the WWA Wake Park World Series came to a close last weekend after a two day wake-battle in 5 different divisions. The 2nd edition of the Cable Call, held at the Down Under Cableway & Wavesurfer in Nieuwegein, Holland drew more than 100 wakeboarders and wakeskaters from 14 different countries. Riders came all the way from Asia, Australia, the United States, Israel and from all across Europe, attempting to take titles in their respected divisions and their share of the $27,000 cash prize.

New for this year was the Pro Wakeskate and Pro Obstacles Only divisions, alongside the Open Men Amateur, Pro Men and Pro Women categories. The contest kicked off on Saturday with a bit of rain and some less than ideal weather, however, that didn’t stop the impressive field of riders from throwing down their very best out on the water. As the competition heated up throughout the weekend, so did the level of riding and the crowd was treated to a really great show.

All eyes were on the Pro Men division as multi-time defending WWA Wake Park World Series overall champion, Tom Fooshee, fell early on his finals run, thus leaving the door open. The young German, Fredy von Osten, knew exactly what was to be done and took  full advantage of the course. Osten laid down a flawless final pass that included a Frontside 900, Raley 540, Back Mobe 540, Front Mobe, and 630-to-Frontboard transfer. Osten ended up taking the victory by 10 points over his fellow German riding partner, Dominik Gührs, who finished 2nd. Daniel Grant of Thailand and Tom Fooshee of United States, finished 3rd and 4th respectfully.

The Pro Obstacles Only contest is always a crowd favorite as 4 riders hit the water at once in a 7 minute jam format. This year was loaded with action, as well as some unexpected upsets and results. German wonder boy, Fredy von Osten once again dominated the field, taking the win, a load of cash and claiming a double victory at the 2011 Protest Cable Call. He was followed in 2nd place by another young German superstar and rail slayer Felix Georgii. This snowboarder turned wakeboarder showed the world once again how diverse and skilled a rider he is by also securing a top 8 finish out of almost 40 competitors in the Pro Men’s division. In 3rd place was Protest team rider James Young of the UK  returning to the competition scene after almost an entire season off from a shoulder injury. James certainly has not lost his touch and it’s great to see him back out on the water ripping.

The Pro Wakeskate division did not disappoint as Andy Kolb laid down a clean run full of tech tricks and rail hits, earning him a first place finish. Leo Labadens of France finished up in 2nd and Elias Erkan from Germany took 3rd. In the Pro Women’s division, Dutch rider Denise de Haan showed her overall consistency throwing down a solid run and earning the 1st place title. She was followed by British riders Tor Young and Kirsten Mitchell who rounded out the podium in 2nd and 3rd. In the Open Men category, young Devi Sentrop took the lead over fellow Dutch riders Tommy Swaan and Jan Kerkhoven.

Huge thanks to the whole team at PROTEST for an awesome event and party. See you next year!

The 2011 Protest Cable Call was brought to you by PROTEST, Down Under Cableway & Wavesurfer, Teva, Jobe, NuSport, Q-Music, EXventure and the World Wakeboard Association. Form more info, news, videos and photos from the event, please click HERE!


1. Frederic von Osten 96.50
2. Dominic Gührs 86.50
3. Daniel Grant 78.50
4. Tom Fooshee 68.00
5. Dec Clifford
5. Rocco van Straten
7. Mike Ketellapper
7. Felix Georgii

1. Andy Kolb 73.33
2. Leo Labadens 63.33
3. Elias Erkan 55.00
4. Daniel Grant 46.67
5. Jan Kissman
5. Ollie Moore
7. Tim van Dortmont
7. Martin Scambora

1. Frederic von Osten 97.50
2. Felix Georgii 92.50
3. James Young 80.00
4. Dominic Gührs 35.00
5. Tom Fooshee
5. Felix Schneider
7. Daniel Grant
7. Dirk Gideonse

1. Denise de Haan 95.00
2. Tor Young 92.50
3. Kirsteen Mitchell 80.00
4. Sophie Reimers 55.00
5. Chloe Goudie
5. Sophie Cordery
7. Cosima Giemza
7. Angelika Schriber

1. Devi Sentrop 98.00
2. Tommy Swaan 92.00
3. Jan Kerkhoven 78.50
4. Loic Girard 71.50
5. Andreas Voss
5. Adrian Abeck
7. Raoul Fakkert
7. Tim auf dem Graben

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